Are You on Track for the Retirement You've Envisioned?

Dear Entrepreneurial Woman,

It can feel very scary being near retirement age and not feeling financially secure.

As a woman running a small business, you're probably feeling frustrated, working way too hard and still not making the money that you expected to or need to.

You know you want freedom from financial worry, the freedom to live the life you have earned and so richly deserve.

  • Do you feel like you are doing all the right things, but something is missing because you're just not getting the results you hoped for?
  • Do you sometimes feel like your business is running you, instead of you running it?

Kim Kirmmse Toth

Hi, I'm Kim Kirmmse Toth and the fact that you are reading my letter to you is actually no coincidence. In fact, it's probably because you have been secretly wishing and praying for a solution to the big puzzle:

How can you bring in more money, enjoy working with more of your ideal clients and still have the lifestyle you deserve - even in this challenging economy?

As a savvy woman after 50, maybe you feel like you're running out of time to make this business successful. Maybe you thought you knew how to manage and leverage your time, but what used to work in marketing is no longer effective. If you feel like you're lacking motivation and spinning your wheels as to what to change and how to do it.

I can show you a better way. I can show you a more "Simple & Elegant" way.

After all, you have worked very hard these last few decades and it's about time that all your experience and all your wisdom be rewarded.

Rewarded with a higher income and more free time to do whatever you wish. You deserve more money and more time off! You know it, and I know it. So let's do something about it,shall we? Allow me the privilege of mentoring you in developing and implementing a successful business plan.

I'm going to ask you to dig deep down inside your soul for a moment and ask yourself:

Why isn't my business bringing me all the joy, ease,
and freedom I was expecting?

Did you know there are 10.1 million women-owned businesses in the U.S.A.? And despite that, money is still a worry and concern for many women - and if it's not, perhaps it should be.

Because statistics clearly show that women still don't fare as well as men do financially. And by now, smart women know that we can't always count on someone else for our financially security. Because things change. People change. Situations change. And the best way to get through that change, is to be in charge of your own destiny.

What's it going to take for you to finally gain control
of your situation once and for all?

How is your business really doing? Is it moving forward the way you were hoping it would? Have you implemented all that you have learned, maybe from me, maybe from other business coaches? Perhaps you made the mistake of thinking too small and jumping right into your small business without a real strategic marketing plan.

If you're like most people, you think you know what you need to do. But if you really did, wouldn't you be doing it already?

What I hear is an obstacle for most women who are looking to attract new clients is NOT really a lack of information or theory, but a lack of implementation, a lack of step-by-step processes, of resources and also a lack of the TIME, FOCUS and DEDICATION needed to make things happen. Sound familiar? I know, because I've been there.

If you're like me, it's amazing how much time you've spent learning from other coaches, and paying them some really big money, going from one conference to another. And like you, I suffered from information overload, because I didn't implement what I was learning. I didn't put even half of that expensive training into action. And I didn't leverage my time well.

Let me tell you, it makes a huge difference! I can honestly say that the two things that have propelled my business forward in this last year are implementing and of course, leveraging.

Let me guess:

  • You're doing some marketing but maybe it's not consistent (Not to scare you but you should be marketing every single day, until you get established. Let me also say it's not as hard as you think. Really!)
  • You have some clients but you would like to have more, perhaps a steady stream that you can count on
  • You don't have systems in place to follow up with them or cross sell or upsell them
  • And of course, you could use a lot more resources (including more time and more money)
    to make this happen
  • And then there's your lack of free time

I have a hunch that you are working way too hard and not earning the money you deserve and want.

So, what might be that solution for you?

I have an invitation for you!

I am offering you a 90 day (3 month) Pilot
introductory program for my new
Moxie Mentorship Program
that includes MasterMind Groups as the foundation

What is a Mastermind Group exactly?

The origin of mastermind groups supposedly came from Napoleon Hill. In his book, Think And Grow Rich, he defines a mastermind as:

"The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony."

A mastermind group is a peer-to-peer mentoring concept used to help members solve their problems with input and advice from the other group members. The concept was coined in 1925 by author Napoleon Hill in his book The Law of Success, and described in more detail in his 1937 book, Think And Grow Rich. In his books, Hill discussed the idea of the Master Mind, which referred to two or more people coming together in harmony to solve problems.

I have been in many Mastermind groups over the years and have run many myself. And I miss running them!

This Pilot group (as groups in the future) will always be:

  • Exclusive: All members will be interviewed personally by me. This way I get to ‘hand pick’ people to be in each group. This isn’t to be snobby. It’s to make sure all members will work well together and you are personally invested in growing your business, no matter where your business is now.
  • Fun!: I love to have fun. I want to offer you a chance to meet other fascinating and dynamic people just like you.
  • Intimacy: This will be a small, facilitated group so you will never be lost in the process.
  • Warm: We will work with your “Why”, why you are running this business (or want too) in terms of your own purpose, and what you will be offering others to achieve.
  • Opportunity: This not just focusing on you and your business but as an opportunity to create business connections, meet potential joint venture partners, suppliers etc. You have much to offer others, and that is just one of the ways that what makes a Mastermind so successful.

No one ever said building and sustaining
a business was easy...

Let me ask you a question, if I may. It's an important one.

Have you checked your finances using a retirement calculator to see if you're on track for your retirement?

AARP Retirement Calculator

Planning for retirement is no easy task. Pensions are just not what they used to be. I do know some people with good pensions but they seem to be going away with the blink of an eye. And some that counted on pensions aren't getting them at all or are getting less than planned for.

I am really not trying to frighten you but I know how easy it is to just look the other way, put your head in the sand and think it will all work out just fine.

Be careful with that thinking, it could bite you!

I have another question for you. Have you checked out your social security lately?

You may have hoped that your pension and social security would be enough to retire on, but many are learning that those methods aren't quite meeting the lifestyle they'd hoped for.

Is this you?

Have you thought about a retirement job?

Then there are those who find full time retirement unfulfilling. Rather than looking for a typical retirement job, you can spend this time nurturing a career that makes the most of your talents, brings in extra income, and yet still affords you the freedom and autonomy you deserve.

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